Fluff & Such Pawpet Productions

When can the new Fluff & Such videos be seen?

Funday Pawpet Show

The Funday Pawpet Show airs live as a streaming internet broadcast every Sunday night at 3 pm to 7 pm eastern time. This amazing group of puppeteers manages to put on a four hour show every week, LIVE, and have been doing so since November 1999! They are a non-profit group, operating on donations from the viewers to keep the show going. Not to mention all the time and effort they tirelessly devote to the show and its fans.

Since the show is live, those watching can also interact with the cast through their IRC chatroom. The staff of the show watch and talk with the viewers in the chat, and through the broadcast (with a 30 second or so delay). Nonsanity is there whenever watching the show live.

They also take video submissions from their viewers in the form of skits and musical videos. This is how Fluff & Such gets their work out to the general public.

The FPS website at pawpet.tv has more information about the show, instructions on how to watch (once it goes live), and FPS merchandise such as T-shirts that can help keep the show going.

Fluff & Such has been idle for a while (raising a kid) but hopes to be putting out new videos in 2011/2012, so stay tuned!